Why Every Family Should Visit to China in Their Lifetime

You may be too excited to go to China or maybe you like the idea of shopping. Want to make a long trip, but you are not sure that China is the place for you. Here are some reasons you will soon leave for China.

Listen often talk about China in the news. China is everywhere. But if you want to understand a little ‘more this state that has the fifth population in the world, you have to go to China and start to see why all the love.

I like to travel, I have children, but I realize that traveling with them is difficult, as the hours of sleep are less and less, you always need diapers and the list goes on. But I love traveling with children, through their eyes I love to see the world and I love to go to places where I know they are welcome.

If you also have the same story or you are planning a family trip to Great Wall hiking in China then you must read this.

China is a place where children are welcome and it is on a par with Italy and Greece. No one will bother you if your child tantrums or buzz in the hotel or when you’re at dinner. Why China should be on your hit list, here are some reasons.


Forget what they say about Chinese food. You can also take a culinary tour to really get to the kitchen. The Chinese cuisine is varied and suffers its landscapes that change constantly. The Shanghai cuisine is sweeter, while that of China is spicy.


China has 5.000 years of history that will surprise you, amaze you and you will love the most. An example of the great Chinese culture is the Wilder Great Wall Hiking Tours, a colossal operation for which it is worth thousands of kilometers to visit it.


China has magical landscapes. It is no coincidence that James Cameron has decided to shoot in the park Hunan some of the scenes of Avatar. Why the different regions of China have a wealth of beautiful and fascinating landscapes: forests, sparkling lakes, roaring waterfalls and snowy peaks in the nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou, Karst Limestone Mountains in Guilin area, high plains that pass through Tibet, to name a pair.


Because, with some of the buildings and monuments most recognizable in the world, from the ancient Forbidden City to the modern skyscrapers of Shanghai and Pudong, a trip to China is mandatory for anyone interested in the city and rural architecture.

Ethnic groups.

Because in some of the most rural parts of the country, there is a large number of ethnic minorities. Many of the same tribes that are found in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, have also been established in Yunnan Province and also in Guizhou and Guangxi. Many still wear their traditional dress and then a visit to these regions is to be considered a multi-colored trip!

The cities

Because China is rich in huge cities, probably the three most famous are Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. All three are excellent destinations to observe the commotion around them although, of course, some of the best cities for shopping and dining.

Zhen Lei is a travel lover and a former writer. I like to write about various destinations in world & especially I love to visit Great Wall of China. This article is about Great wall hiking tour.

Exotic Manali – A Picturesque Paradise for Nature Lovers

Enchanting beauty of Manali is hard to be described in words. The breathtaking scenic views of this hill station has successfully magnetized Indian and foreign tourists. Serene Atmosphere, lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, and divine view of this natural paradise make it a perfect retreat during summers. This charming hill station is now a popular tourist destination. When newly-wed couples plan their honeymoon to any picturesque hill station, then Manali is given high preference for being affordable and stunningly beautiful.

Tourists from all corners of India flock to Manali during favorable season. Even foreigners visit this enchanting heavenly place. The rise of armed militancy in Kashmir surged the growth of tourism in Himachal Pradesh. The fine amalgamation of pretty landscape, sprawling apple orchards, lively local culture, historic mythological temples and warm hospitality makes it a perfect tourist destination. After registering significant boost in tourism, Manali has started embracing modernism. You can enjoy the bliss of delicious food, stay at comfortable hotels and partake into exciting activities such as skating, skiing and even paragliding. The idyllic time for visiting this Himalayan paradise is between May and October.

Many tourists heartily admit of being infatuated by the ultimate beauty of Manali. Here, true nature lovers can embark upon a never-ending, pleasant, sightseeing spree. Hadimba Devi Temple is perhaps the most famous attraction bordered by cedar forest.This temple was built almost five centuries back and is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, wife of Hindu mythological character “Bhima.” She is highly regarded for being patron deity of Manali. The tempting beauty of Manali is visible in every nook and corner whether it is pastoral quaint villages stuffed with apple orchards or fields covered with lush greenery. If you want to cherish the tour of Manali for entire lifetime, then include the destination of Rohtang Pass in the itinerary. The Pass is exhilarating playground for tourists of all age groups.

The incredible, stunning sightseeing views of great Himalayas; tranquil environment makes Manali an ideal tourist destination. Take out some time from your busy schedule and purchase handlooms and handicrafts made by artisans of Kullu Valley. You can find excellent arrangement of lodging at Manali. Guest houses, inns, lodges, hotels equipped with modern facilities give you a rare chance to take a glance of scintillating beauty of snow-capped mountains from the window of your suite. Local population has definitely played remarkable role by preserving the pristine beauty and legacy of Manali.

Discounted Theme Park Tickets – Where to Buy Them

For the returning guests and fans who keep visiting their favourite parks, probably finding a good ticket deal is not a big deal. But for the first time visitors the same is not true. There are plenty of ticket sellers, agents and brokers out there offering various discounts and deals on admissions to theme parks and resorts in and around central Florida. But choosing the right ticket source for the best deals and offers on admissions is often a difficult task for first timers. One have to do some research first.

In our quest for the right discounted ticket offers, we have different views and different answers to deal with every day. But one thing we must be sure that whatever we are getting and from wherever we are buying it – everything should be authentic and genuine in all respects. First, buying tickets at the park gates is normal, but then you have to pay a high price. Also there is no discount on tickets available for you here and worst still, you will waste time waiting in line and buying the same.

Moreover, buying used tickets or second-hand tickets is a big no. Sites such as Craigslist and eBay often sell these kind of fake tickets on heavy discounts, but they will land you in trouble. You cannot take advantage of the unused days from someone else’s ticket. The parks and resorts here used advance scanning systems and it won’t be possible for you to cheat on those high-end technological brilliance. So better for us to avoid buying such tickets, else have to come across situations that we would never wanted to face during our most memorable vacations ever.

Now the question is – where to find the right place for authentic and discounted offers. And the answer could be many, starting with the official websites operated by the parks themselves. It’s to be noted that an advance online booking is a great idea to avail discounts. Secondly, the authorized ticket resellers can be a better choice for discounts. These resellers buy tickets in bulk from the respective resorts and re-sell them at great discounts. Third, local Florida residents can enjoy special discounts on tickets and annual passes as well. Also one should know that the one day admission prices may vary on various occasions during the year. And as such an advance booking is a better idea for guests visiting the Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando for that matter.

Normally, at the outset you will start well by visiting the parks’ official sites to find out the latest tickets available and their official prices as well. Then look out for the re-sellers and compare the prices on respective ticket or tickets. And often you will have a convincing and affordable discounted deal to shop for. The resorts also offer exclusive, value-for-money vacation packages, featuring both the park tickets and hotel stay and other special perks for the resort guests. But an off-site stay without the perks and on-site convenience is cheaper option specially, if you are on a tight budget.

Nav Krish writes for the Kissimmee based, authorized ticket Re-Seller – The Official Ticket Center, specialized in offering discounts for the leading Orlando Theme Parks, including Disney tickets, SeaWorld, Universal Studios tickets, and admissions to many other exclusive fun and entertainment areas and events in and around the sunshine state of Florida

Top New Travel Cities

We’ve put together 5 Up and Coming Travel Spots for 2017. Starting with the easy breezy beautiful beachy coasts to mystical locales with deep cultural histories. Let us know about your journeys to these special destinations.

For a serious beach getaway El Nido, Philippines is your new go to! El Nido is located in the southwestern island of Palawan. The area is home to crystal white beaches, limestone cliffs shooting into the sky and coral reefs magnifying out of the turquoise ocean water. El Nido is one of the most magnificent travel destinations, with miles of seascapes that are breathtaking. For a superior experience in El Nido, The Lagen Island Resort offers four very different types of accommodations: water cottages, beachfront cottages, Forest rooms as well as Forest suites. The resort is nestled in a lush rain forest and a lagoon offering panoramic views of the cove. Be sure to catch the island-hopping tour excursion that includes visits to Big Lagoon, Seven Commando Beach, Secret Lagoon, Small Lagoon, and Zimizu Beach.

A must see ‘Tropical’ travel destination is: Kihei, Hawaii. Kihei is in South Maui, Hawaii, and has a long history of whaling. Although the regions climate varies greatly, sunny weather is present on the coast with cooler weather in the upcountry do to the many glorious rainforests and waterfalls. The Mana Kai Maui Resort boast elegance and unmatched amenities, which overlooks Keawakapu Beach where guests can swim and snorkel in the ocean just outside their doors. In addition, the hotel has condos instead of rooms and maintains the upscale Five Palms restaurant. A once in a lifetime excursion should be at the top of your to do list! Through, Maui Flight Academy a day trip that lands on several different islands and includes visitors taking the helm in the small plane taken during one of the stops. This is an awesome experience! Beach excursions can also be had with the Molokini sail and snorkeling adventure. Make sure you experience the Kamaole Beach Park, and the humpback whale sanctuary.

Although Jericoacoara, Brazil is quite difficult to reach, the moment you arrive you are transfixed through its natural beauty and gripped with the relaxed vibe; it is apparent this is not going to be an ordinary journey! The indigenous Tupi-Guarani people have inhabited this region of Brazil called Jericoacoara (Jeri) for millennia, building their villages on its lush landscape. The region was declared an Environmental Protection Area in 1984, and by 2002 it had become a National Park. Jeri has the steadiest wind on their sea (South Atlantic), combined with consistent waves, the region holds the title of the best location for water sports in the world. An exciting and rare excursion can be taken by kayaking through mangroves to discover Mangue Seco. This village is completely isolated from the world. Mangue Seco is located between the mouth of the Real River (Royal River), the ocean and large sand dunes that move with the wind. The only way into the village is through water, its difficult access makes Mangue Seco a special treasure, surely unique to the world.

For the travel explorer there is Easter Island, Chile. Easter Island, which sits in the South Pacific country of Chile, and has unique historical intrigue. Yes, the Island is small, but exploring Easter Island gives travelers a rich experience! The area of Rano Raraku, is home to ‘The Grand Statues’ monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island in eastern Polynesia between 1250 and 1500 A.D. The mystery surrounding these statues lives on because the ancestors of carvers still populate the island today. Apart from the deeply rooted culture, Easter Island has many impressive 5 star properties, The Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa, is one of the most prestigious on the Island and offers two restaurants, a pool, and a full pampering amenity; the spa is world renowned. You can’t miss exploring Easter Island’s treasures, including: the archeological museum ‘Hanga Roa’, the Rano Kau crater, the Orongo ceremonial village, as well as a viewing of the southern fur seals.

Another destination wrapped in culture is Baku, Azerbaijan. Baku is known as the ‘Paris’ of the middle east and is a unique rare city by the sea, the Caspian Sea to be exact. The city is made up of a few different cultures: (Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East), but European culture is felt. The ‘Palace of the Shirvanshahs’, a vast royal complex, is a wonder to be seen. The medieval walled old city houses the iconic stone Maiden Tower; an incredible history to be surrounded by. After you the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a vast royal complex, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower. There is a lot of fun to be had in Baku as well; the day can begin with scuba diving in the city and end with snow skiing in the north. The Fairmont Baku at the Flame Towers has an exemplary property in the center of the city.